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Hiking the Backcountry

hiking the immense trail system of the Blue Ridge Mountains wilderness

blue ridge hiking trails

The Appalachian Mountains are a paradise for avid hikers, and many of the area's most popular hiking trails can be accessed along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Whether you prefer short day hikes or want to spend months hiking the backcountry along the Appalachian Trail, the extensive trail system in the Blue Ridge Mountains offer plenty of options to choose from.

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Motorcycling on the Parkway

world class motorcycling adventures

parkway motorcycle riding

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers a world class motorcycle adventure. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, then riding your motorcycle along this famous curvy highway while surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Blue Ridge Parkway is an adventure that must be experienced.

In this section you'll find info on riding the Blue Ridge Parkway, including favorite motorcycling routes on and near the Blue Ridge Parkway, as well as motorcycle friendly places to stay during your trip.

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Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an extremely popular sport, and for good reason! The Appalachian Mountain Range offers some of the best mountain biking you'll find anywhere. Follow the link for more specific information on mountain biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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the latest news and events in the mountains

blue ridge parkway camping

The Blue Ridge Parkway features nine tranquil and scenic campgrounds operated by the National Park Service. They come equipped with restrooms, drinking water, picnic tables and grills, and most can accommodate sizable recreation vehicles. Follow the link for more information on each of the Blue Ridge Parkway's campgrounds.

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world class trout fishing

trout fishing (8K)

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers some of the best fly fishing and lake fishing around for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing is permitted in the streams and lakes on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It does follow federal regulations for license requirements, fishing season and hours and size limits and special rules that apply are normally posted at each Blue Ridge Parkway fishing area. There are some areas on the Blue Ridge Parkway where fishing is not permitted. Freshwater fishing is the most popular type of fishing. The North Carolina mountain streams have been the home to many fishermen for hundreds of years. Our forefathers has fished and survived of the very land that we are also able to enjoy because it has been preserved.

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Rock Climbing

the south's best rock climbing

climb looking glass rock

North Carolina has some of the best rock climbing in the South. Many people visit the Blue Ridge Parkway every year to brave the conditions and rock climb.

One of the most popular places to rock climb near the Blue Ridge Parkway is Looking Glass Rock, which is located in the Pisgah National Forest about 7 miles northwest of Brevard, NC. It offers a spectacular white granite dome, face climbs, crack climbs and some overhanging routes. The best time to climb is Spring.

Other great spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway that are great for climbers are: Linville Gorge, Graveyard Fields, Doughton Park and Blowing Rock Boulders.

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Road Bicycling

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Riding your bicycle along the roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic ride with picturesque views of the mountains and land surrounding the Blue Ridge Parkway ranging in elevation from 600 feet to over 6000 feet. Riding here is truly a cyclists dream. There are often bicyclist events or tours that include the Blue Ridge Parkway. Check with the National Park Service for upcoming bicyclists events.

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Gem Mining

the blue ridge mountains are rich with gemstones

gem mining - gemstones

Gem mining in Blue Ridge Mountains is an experience like no other. From spring until autumn there are several mining attractions along the Blue Ridge Parkway that offer native or enriched buckets. Experience the thrill of discovery when you visit the gem mines and discover gems from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Look for rubies, sapphires, garnets, emeralds, opals, moonstones and so much more. Also, pan for gold just like they did in the old days.

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