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Road Bicycling in the Appalachians

challenging road bicycling for bikers of all skill levels

The Blue Ridge Mountain Range has some of the best road riding in the world. The Appalachian Mountains are laced with a network of paved, low traffic roads and due to elevation differences there is tremendous variety in road cycling options.

There is nothing like enjoying the cool mountain air as you ride along the Parkway. From the peaks you will experience views of town valleys down below as you ride the "s" shaped road along the crest of the mountains. You will see distant rows of blue tinted mountains, looming mountains and forest meadows.

When To Come

Avoid riding in the fog and rain. Wind will also be a factor in your pace and windy conditions require a delicate balancing act. The best weather usually occurs during the spring and summer months. Parkway temperatures average in the upper 70's during the day with evening temperature averages dropping to mid 50's. Although later in the year there is a wider range of temperatures changes as winter brings cooler air.

Wet conditions may cause foggy roads and poor vision. Use extreme caution during this kind of weather. Some riders describe their experience with fog as if they were literally climbing into the clouds.

Our Favorite Spots

The Blue Ridge Parkway ranges in elevation from the lowest point at 649 feet near Otter Creek in Virginia to over 6053 feet at Richland Balsam between Mt Pisgah and Cherokee making it the ultimate bicycling road. Bicyclists that undertake the Blue Ridge high road will be taking on an adventure of a lifetime. Depending on what kind of ride you are looking for will depend on where you'll want to ride.

Our favorite area to ride is between Craggy Gardens and Crabtree Meadows. There are some challenging hills and steep descents but nothing too difficult for the experienced rider.

Coming Prepared

Road biking requires special equipment and clothing. Nearby bicycle shops offer an array of bicycle gear like helmets, clipless pedals, bicycles lighting systems tools and other gear to help improve your ride and keep you safe.

Always wear a helmet when riding your bike as the steep hills and sharp descents can cause high speeds and therefore sudden accidents can occur.